What is Patrium?

Patrium is a Helium Hotspot management platform for Helium Patrons and independent hotspot operators.  Our goal is to make management and administration of large numbers of hotspots as easy as possible, at least from an administrative and compensation perspective. You just need to enter the name of one of your hotspots, and Patrium will automatically pull in the rest for you. Then just set up each hotspot at a host location (using the "Move Hotspot" function), set the commission rates, and voila, you're ready to track earnings and pay commissions.

How does Patrium work?

Patrium relies on some core principles which, when kept in mind, will ease your administration of your network of hotspots. Patrium is primarily a blockchain data consumption app.  Patrium does not initiate any transactions or create any data placed on the Helium blockchain. 

Patrium works best (i.e., "The Patrium Way") when you pay hosts in HNT, and all payments are sent from the hotspot owner address to a single address per host (and a separate single address for a referrer, when used).  That way Patrium can automatically monitor, capture, track, and compute payment information for each hotspot, minimizing the amount of work you need to do.

When a hotspot is turned on and set up for the first time, the host and the referrer are the same as the owner.  This is because the hotspot could earn rewards before being placed in its first location.  When you place the hotspot in its first host "home", you should use the "Move Hotspot" option instead of editing the existing host/referral information.

Only edit the existing host/referral information if it is incorrect.  Do not edit it to change the location of the hotspot. Patrium builds a history of each of your hotspot's locations as they get moved so you can continue to review historical information about the hotspot in its various locations.  If you overwrite existing data with new data, instead of moving the hotspot, you will lose this historical analysis capability.

The Reward Deduction should be used where the owner needs to earn some amount of HNT before hosts/referrers get paid a commission.  For example, let's say the owner wants to earn 250 HNT to cover the hotspot hard costs before paying any commission.  In that scenario you would enter 250 in the Reward Deduction field.

The Payment Offset should be used where the owner makes a payment on the blockchain to the host/referrer for something other than a commission payment (e.g., split tab at dinner last night).  This amount will be deducted from payment calculations.

I logged in for the first time... what do I do now?

When you first log in, click the settings icon to get started. Enter the name of one of your hotspots and Patrium will find and pull in all "sibling" hotspots having the same owner. All hotspots initially are set to the owner as both the host and the referrer. When you place a hotspot at a host location, use the "Move Host" feature by selecting a hotspot from any dashboard. Enter the hotspot's new host (and, optionally, referral) information, set the commission rate, and voila, Patrium will automatically start tracking payments from the owner to the host's (or referrer's) HNT address on the Helium blockchain. As the dashboard refreshes (at least once/day, sometimes more), you will see a real-time snapshot of earnings, payments already made, and commissions due to each of your hosts/referrers.

I can't edit the Host's HNT address. How do I move a hotspot to a new location?

Patrium tracks the "history" for each of your hotspots from the beginning of the blockchain (June 12, 2019). When the hotspot is initialized for the first time, its the owner that is doing the initialization, so all your hotspots start as being assigned to the owner for both levels of commission. When you place the hotspot at a host's location, you need to select the "Move Hotspot" option and change the Host (and referral, if someone referred you to that host and you're paying them a commission as well). This allows Patrium to track that hotspot's location and calculate accurate data. When that host is done hosting, then you "Move Hotspot" again and "stop" the host (and optionally the referral as well). This will revert the hotspot back to the owner, because the owner takes possession of the hotspot between host placements, and in the event the owner turns it on during that, Patrium needs to be able to track that information. This is why you can't edit the host and/or referral HNT address and starting date through the "Details" page.

Can I have multiple levels of commission?

You can have up to two levels of commission, e.g., one for your host and a second for a person who referred the host to you. If you only use one level of commission, then a nice hack is to enter your own second HNT address as the referral to make transfers to a second wallet as simple as possible (e.g., to a central wallet, crypto exchange, etc.). You can just think of "host" and "referral" as two levels of commission on each hotspot. It's up to you what you use them for, and you don't have to use both.

How do I add a second HNT account?

For a variety of reasons, none of which are particularly good, Patrium only allows one HNT account per login right now. We're working on a long term fix, but in the meantime we suggest that you use a "+" email for additional accounts. For example: me@gmail.com, me+p2@gmail.com, and me+p3@gmail.com all resolve to just me@gmail.com. After you've set up those logins, shoot us an email at patrium.app@gmail.com with the base email address, and we can at least "link" together the accounts so you can jump back and forth between them without having to log in and out each time. You can just log in with the base email address, and switch between account views dynamically using the "Login As..." feature on the account icon in the top right portion of the screen.

Does Patrium offer automatic payments?

Patrium offers two options here. Patrium can generate a QR code with a single recipient ID and payment amount, which you can scan in using the Helium app on your phone easily to make payments. Patrium can also generate a CLI Wallet multipayment string, which you can cut and paste into your CLI Wallet command line interface, and you can make multiple payments in a single CLI Wallet transaction. We are continuously investigating various options for automatic payments, but please be aware that most solutions involve an increased level of scrutiny and regulation by the U.S. Government, so we want to make sure we have everything in order before making this an option. For now, Patrium just consumes and analyzes blockchain data, and does not directly initiate any blockchain transaction.

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